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A bit confused - when do I use Azure information protection (AIP) and when do I use the Sensitive/Retention Unified labels in SSC center (MIP)?


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Hi Taen,

Great article on this by @Tony Redmond at

Published just last week. Hope it helps. There is also a section in this article on how sensitivity labels work with existing Azure Information Protection labels 

Best, Chris

As pointed by Christopher,
The idea is to start using sensitivity lables from the Compliance & Security Center. This sensitivity labels are just AIP labels....if you are using AIP labels and you want move to the "unified" labels, you will have to migrate your AIP labels

To be precise, AIP labels and sensitivity labels share the same common foundation of Azure rights management. You can certainly use both to protect information inside Office 365, but given that sensitivity labels are now available to all E3 and E5 tenants, I would go with them and avoid the need to pay for AIP licenses. You still need AIP if you want to protect information outside Office 365. See for more information.

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