AIP and Onedrive for business Sharing

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Hello Experts,

I need to confirm if using Azure information protection documents is compatible with Onedrive for business external sharing.


To put it in more context, if I store a document in OneDrive for Business with an AIP label that has a protection setting such as "read only" when that document is shared externally the external user can't read/view the document as AIP doesn't work with Office Online.


So my question there any practical scenario of using AIP label with OneDrive for business?

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Both SPO and ODFB have not been update to take advantage of the new functionalities AIP offers, so protecting a file with AIP label and uploading in some document library will break functionalities such as search indexing, co-authoring, being able to open the document in Office Online, etc. But if a person is able to download such file and open it with the desktop Office apps, he might be able to open/edit it, depending on the permissions defined in the AIP label.


More info here: