AI in Office 365

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Continuing the conversation of ‘What’s Next for Your Cloud,’ we want to highlight some of the new innovations and intelligent features that are being integrated into existing products. Last month, at Microsoft Build, many of the key themes were around integrating AI into multiple facets of a user’s experience, across applications and devices. Enhancing applications with the addition of artificial intelligence can improve productivity by providing you access to information right when and where you need it.


Earlier this year, Microsoft announced several new improvements that integrate machine learning and advanced algorithms into existing cloud services. Check out some of these already accessible features in your existing Office 365 applications below:


  1. QuickStarter in PowerPoint – Need to make a presentation but having trouble starting? Announced last year, QuickStarter helps you get started outlining your PowerPoint presentations. Type in the topic of your presentation and QuickStarter provides recommendations on what categories to include, information for further research, and even product associated images!


  1. Researcher & Editor in Word – Like QuickStarter, Researcher helps you find and incorporate sources and content so you can write your paper faster. Pulling from the Bing Knowledge Graph, Researcher identifies relevant references right in your Word document, so you can write and research all without switching applications.


Another intelligent Word feature, Editor enhances your traditional Word spellcheck, checking your document not only for spelling and grammatical errors but also making suggestions for your writing style, using machine learning and natural language processing.


  1. Outlook + Cortana – Cortana pulls from Outlook, recognizing commitments to tasks that you make in emails. Cortana then proactively reminds you, so you can keep your promises and meet deadlines. Make sure you have signed into Cortana and have given communications consent! For more information, check out this Windows blog.


  1. Office 365 Secure Score – Office Secure Score helps customers’ better understand their current Office 365 security configuration. The summary score is a summary of configurations that you have partially or fully adopted divided by the total security controls available to you through Office 365. Track your score over time to keep track of the steps you take to better securing your network.


Have any features you’d like to see incorporated into Office 365? What would make your day even more productive? Share your ideas below.

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