Advanced eDiscovery - adding additional members to case

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Currently we are using core ediscovery to perform an initial search, but depending on the scope of the search and the number of results returned our clerk needs to bring in subject matter experts from other departments to review and organize the results as responsive, non-responsive, or requiring review by legal.  The clerk does this by taking the PST export of the results and uploading it to Onedrive and sharing it.  Their constituents then must download a copy locally and mount it within Outlook to perform their work by filing the results into various folders, then detach and upload back to Onedrive to share with city clerk.  We desperately need a better solution…  I’m currently exploring advanced ediscovery but I’m stuck on getting reviewers added to a case without giving them the full ediscovery manager role.  I don't want to have to give that role to these subject matter experts, as they only need access to the cases they are added to.  Is there a way to accomplish this?

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