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Hello. My question is about the global address list. How do i create an address list with all users which have an office 365 license? Currently the All Users list is also showing shared mailboxes with login ability. Also the rooms are there listed. Thanks.
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@Dirk Schmeckthal what I would do is select "hide from address lists" with everything you don't want to show up in the GAL. You can do this with all mail enabled objects (mailboxes, groups etc.).


If it's an actual address list you want to create (not hide from the GAL or something), you can use the following query:


{SkuAssigned -eq $true}


If you want to further limit it to just (user) mailboxes:


{SkuAssigned -eq $true -and RecipientTypeDetails -eq "UserMailbox"}



Hello Vasil.
Sorry for the delayed reply.
Could you please gibe me a hint how to use this query?
Hello Dennis.
Thanks for your suggestion, but i want to have is a separate address list with all users that got an o365 license assigned.

You will have to update the recipient filter on any and all Address lists you need to show just licensed users. Or create new ones/assign them to users. Here's an example with creating a new one:


New-AddressList -Name LicensedMailboxes -RecipientFilter {SkuAssigned -eq $true -and RecipientTypeDetails -eq "UserMailbox"}