Admin settings for display language

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In the Language & Region tab in the Settings & Privacy page in Office 365 My Account, it says:


"This setting is managed by your organization. You can set display language through individual applications. Learn more about how to do this or contact your IT administrator."


Okay, I'm the administrator and I have no idea where to specify the Display language globally - and where has it been specified that tusers shouldn't be able to change their display language?

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There's no global setting for that. Most services within the M365 suite will use the regional settings on the device to adjust the language. Some do offer in-product methods to configure it, but said methods only apply to the given workload, not globally.

In that case, the phrase "This setting is managed by your organization" is not entirely correct, is it? It should say something like "This setting depends on your regional settings in Windows", right?

This issue occurs in hybrid environment setups. If the user account is in Hybrid environment, change 'preferred language' settings from attribute editor in on-prime AD. ex; EN, DE....