Additional attribute/field on list lookup relationship

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We have created 2 lists:

- Employee

- Skillset


In the Employee list we can add an employ and specify which skillset he has (can be multiple).

When doing so, we want to be able to specify the proficiency level for each selected skillset...


How can we add a value for each selected skillset lookup value of the employee row?



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On Lookup column settings you can define which additional columns are added to list view.
Are you trying to achieve something like this?



Is it on modern or classic list experience?

@Matti Paukkonen 


Not exactly. What we are trying to achieve is to allow to specify the seniority/proficiency level of an employee on specific skillset.  Multiple employees might be linked to a same skillset but have different seniority/proficiency level on it. So we want to be able to add an attribute on the relationship Employee-Skillset.  its not an attribute on the Skillset but on the relationship between employee and skillset.