adding 'applications' to the home page or my app ?


we have some links to company apps we want to be able to have users find. currently we have it registered as an application & then distributed (not sure if right term) as an enterprise app. 
I found this article from 2015 about how to get it in on the 'home page' but apparently its depreciated :


Is there a more modern guide & way to get the app to appear if the user logs into  in line with Word or Excel & stuff.

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Old way to pin custom Apps in the App Launcher is not working anymore and there is not a valid replacement there

yeah, I've got it to the point of apps show up if I go to a separate apps URL, and sometimes if I click the boxes on the left & do all app's I see it. 
I hope this isn't something they are depreciating, because it would streamline things to kindof have a landing page, and I want to avoid going  to okta.