Add a domain but not email

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I have a client who would like to add her domain to Office 365 but keep the email hosting with a different provider. (I know it doesn't really make sense but they mostly just want to be able to login to O365 using their own email instead of .onmicrosoft...)


Here are the questions:

1. Can I have an MX record pointing to a different provider?

2. Do I need to change anything on the A record for this to work?


Thanks in advance for your responses

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You can add a domain to Office 365 without changing all the DNS records...just change the records required for services your customer is going to use such Skype For Business or Microsoft Teams

Thank you Juan Carlos for the quick response! 

I left the exchange part off the connection and it worked perfectly :)

My pleasure!!! By the way, be careful with this kind of setups and when adding licenses to the users, don't add then the Exchange Online license to avoid problems with the e-mail it customer aware that in case of no using Exchange Online, features such as Teams are not going to fully work?

This won't necessarily work - if the user license you assign has an exchange product, mail from other Exchange online tenants will be delivered to your Office 365 tenant, not according to MX records.

I'm not certain all of the specific cases that cause this, but it seems anything using the domain will be routed this way - you need to be aware you may not necessarily receive all your emails.