AD sync question


We have a customer that has activated a tenant with office 365 business licenses.

The tenant is not yet connected to AD .

On the tenant several users are already been created and assigned an office  license

The users login are in the form and used when the office application have been installed locally on the PC .


Now we're going to set up  the AD Sync and wondered about the "duplication" of the users .

The AD users will be replicated with their UPN but also with their tenant email address which will be the same as the one already present .


So what happen then to the users already registered in the tenant ?

Will they be impacted ?





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You can use the "soft match" process to "link" the AD user with an existing Azure AD one:

@Vasil MichevReading the article I see that it works using the smtp address as soft match, it it requires that the users have an active mailbox on exchange online.

Unfortunately the customer has only on-prem exchange



It works on "mail" attribute as well, and if that is not an option, you can use UPN matching:

Or use the hard-match method: