Active Directory x O365 Licences

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Hello people,

I would like to know if it is possible for me to assign an Office 365 license to a user through AD. As soon as the user was synchronized, it would be created in the portal and added to the license?

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Hi Walter,


You can a create a script to do that in a schedule on your AD Connect server that does that.

We also have the possibility to use the recently introduced group-based license management feature. Read more here:


Or the detailed documentation:

So I suppose the group-based license will require AD premium subscription (always nice to state in case one makes a decision). The script might come for free, but you need to ensure proper running (and what happens in case of failure) and security.
My scenario is AD local + Dirsync + O365 (I do not have local exchange)
Do you have any scripts, or could you tell me what parameter is used?

I'll read about it

I read that documentation, and I created a group on my local AD. After syncronization with O365, I licenced the group with E1 plan. After that, I add one user in the group, but the licence wasn't applied for this new user after sync.