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hi, we have opened this new tenant, and added our custom domain, we have verified it and it is now active.

However, we noticed that it is not present in the list of accepted domains in the online exchange panel. This does not allow us to receive emails.

how can we do? the problem is very serious.

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Hey @mastrandrealuca ,


Sometimes, there can be a delay on Microsoft end for a domain to appear under exchange. However, make sure that, when you verify the domain you do select exchange as one of the purposes for which the domain is to be used. To quickly check whether you selected exchange as domain purpose or not, Click the domain in office 365 portal and take a look at the DNS records, if it shows you records related to exchange like autodiscover, MX, txt then that means you did select exchange as domain purpose. If all the records are there, there is not much you can do, you can get a ticket opened with MS in that case to request a sync.