Account Verification - We have some Office 365 (E1 licensed users) who receive verification prompts


Hey Team, 


We have an issue where some users receive this error messages when trying to send emails:


"Before you can send email, we need to verify your account. This won't happen every time you send email, we promise.' when trying to access Outlook"


The users receive the above error when trying to send emails, using a Microsoft 365, E1 licensed account, they receive it from OWA. 


It doesn't matter which URL they access whether or not its or 


Either way they receive the above error and they are unable to verify their account. I understand this happens with but this is not that. We are not using MFA provided by Microsoft but by OKTA, additionally they are using an InPrivate session. 


Any ideas? and can this be turned off? using an OWA policy? or some other method, we already have MFA provided as mentioned. 




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