Accidentally marked spam as non-spam in Outlook 365

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I had a perfectly working junk filter in Outlook 365. Unfortunately, I once marked a bunch of junk mails as non-junk. I immediately marked them as junk again afterwards. Since then I get all these kinds of junk mails delivered to my inbox, no matter how often I flag them as spam (and they are almost identical every time in the subject, body, etc.).


Is there any way to reset the junk filter? Unfortunately the e-mail addresses of the senders change and Outlook doesn't allow me to block entire domain endings such as *@*.xyz

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Hey @cccp31 ,


I am afraid there is no way to reset the junk filter, Here is what you can do, first via outlook, modify the following two settings under junk options :

















An entire domain can be blocked via OWA, if you are looking to do that:


The first section in above article holds good for domains as well as senders, if you don't see the add button while adding a domain just type the domain name and press enter to add it.


Lastly if you have admin rights to your tenant you can create a transport rule to send emails to junk based on a text pattern in senders email address: