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I have created a database and coverted the table to a Sharepoint list.  This is working well but I see that there used to be an option to createa a "custom web app" in Access so that users could open the front end in a web browser.  Is this still possible?  I can't find this template anywhere.  


I just want users to be able to open my front end in a browser so they don't need Access installed locally. 


Thank you. 

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Hi! Access Web Apps are deprecated since April 18. they don’t work anymore although there is an option to activate in older access web apps in site features in SharePoint. And there is a Migration Tool from Microsoft to upgrade Access databases to sql bases. Or: You can upload the access database and give your Users a password starting Form. Greets, Eva
That's really useful thank you. I'm a complete beginner, do you have any link to some simple guides that would help me please? @Eva Vogel

Hi @HTMcKee! There are tons of doing a login form in Access, here is one: 


dealing with VBA and works with local database without being in the cloud.Unfortunately VBA doesn´t work in OneDrive.


The good news is that you can create an O365 user group in your Admin Center e.g. named "Access Database Users", take your users to this group who should be given access. Then upload that database either on OneDrive or on SharePoint, then share this database only with this new group! Office 365 User Groups can then access your database without certain login form. The obvious advantage is, that you can easily manage permissions not with single users, BUT only with users being in that group!And you can then share ANY file with that group globally, not only with your database.



Hope that helps. Greets, Eva.

We are aware of the "No Password Needed" bug. A newer version of creating a classic login form can be found at or look in the w...
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If he uploads the access database to SPO, it's not going to work. Best he can do here is to "migrate" the App to PowerApps using SPO lists as backend
And indeed there are examples to migrate form Acess Web App (that's not our case) to PowerApps: So the fundamentals are valid, but not the procedure

Hi @Juan Carlos González Martín and @HTMcKee  ! Thanks for your interludes. I'll check this out. 


Greets, Eva.

Hi @HTMcKee! To get familiar with translate an ER Modelling within PowerApps I also found this:


I think this article helps understanding why the relationship between tables is fundamental to plan and to install a powerApp. So first you have to examine, which relationships in which tables you already have in your Access Database, then you have to "translate" and build these in a PowerApp.


Hope that helps. Greets, Eva.

Pfffttt so I can't keep my VBA or anything :(
Sometimes life isn’t fair. It depends on what you are doing with it.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean it to come across ungrateful for the support or anything. I'm thankful to be pointed in right direction.

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