Access denied when trying to removed email alerts from shared documents

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One of our staff members, John, stores documents in his OneDrive storage and shares them with another staff member, Kate.


Recently, Kate discovered that she wasn't being made aware when John made further updates to the documents and so John created email alerts on the shared library within OneDrive so that Kate would be alerted to any changes. Kate then started receiving mutiple emails every time John updated a document and it became overwhelming and so John deleted the alerts. He no longer receives email alerts on these changes, however, Kate is still receiving the email alerts.


On each alert that Kate receives, a small link at the foot of the email reads "Modify my alert settings" when following this link we see the previous alerts that John had created, but since deleted from his own OneDrive account.


Each alert has a checkbox that can be selected and a link to "Delete Selected Alerts". However, trying this option, a new page opens with ...




An idea was for Kate to forward one of the email alerts to John, have him follow the link to "Modify my alert settings", however that shows that John has no alerts to modify.


As the global admin, I am unsure how to resolve this. Kate still has full access to John's documents but clearly has no permissions to delete email alerts previously set on John's shared library within OneDrive. Also not sure why these alerts are still present and active since John removed them from them settings within his own account.


Help and advice would be greatly appreciated.

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