Acceptation and Production tenant settings (DTAP)


Hi all,

I'm looking for a solution to keep 2 tenant settings "in sync" for a while now. We have an acceptation tenant and production tenant (also development and test but for this question out of scope) and i need to monitor and compare the settings to see what is the difference. We need to know if the acceptation tenant is compliant with production settings and vica versa.

I understand that not all the settings can be the same (for example, in production we've got hybrid exchange which is not necessary in acceptation) but i want to know as much as possible.

So far i found: - Great script (in combination with excel compare functions) but have to be adapted all the time when new functions arrive. - Looks promising but doesn't work yet.


Any tips or experience with (DT)AP for office365 tenants?

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It really boils down to which exact workloads and settings you want to monitor/enforce, and how much time (or money) you are willing to invest in this. You can easily create a PowerShell or Graph-based solution that periodically enumerates each setting you care about, across any number of tenants you manage. And you can also include a "policy enforcement" code, if needed. But Microsoft doesn't provide anything out of the box for such scenarios. There are some third-party products that can help with this, but again depends on the detail (and they will of course cost $$$).