A1 Plus?

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Anybody know when the following changes were made?

    • from Office 365 Education for Students
    • to Office 365 A1 Plus for students
    • from Office 365 Education for Faculty
    • to Office 365 A1 Plus for faculty

Seems like it used to be that A was for K-12 while E was for Higher Ed.  Further, what's the upgrade path if we want more options?  It used to be E to E3 to E5.  Is it now A1 to A3 to A5?  And, does the "Plus" mean it's A1 with ProPlus?

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My question exactly!

Same question here!
best response confirmed by Tony Derricott (Frequent Contributor)

@Tony Derricott i came across this comment:

Some schools are eligible for Education Plus, which includes Office 365 ProPlus, and allows students, faculty and staff to install the latest version of Office on up to five PC or Mac computers and on other mobile devices, including Windows tablets and the iPad. Schools qualify for Office 365 Education Plus when they license Office institution-wide for faculty and staff through Enrollment for Education Solutions, Open Value Subscription Education Solutions, or a school contract. Note that Access and Publisher are available on PCs only. OneNote for Mac is available as a separate download from the Mac App Store. (source: 

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This is also my question...