A good solution to interactive systems and processes?

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Hi all,


We've had a couple of 365 accounts for some time, mainly to use the Office apps but I know there is so much more there we don't use. We, and our staff use, mainly use the Google ecosystem, along with lots of other systems and it would be nice to merge them (or as many as possible).


One thing we don't have at the moment is a good app for systems and processes.


Is there something that can allow me to easily and smoothly design something for setting up documents for staff to detail how to do tasks? Ideally, something that is interactive


For example


How to take a telephone order...


Q1) Ask if the customer has an account already

- A1) - Yes - then select their account in the system (goes to section on how to find the user in the system and how to select)

- A2) - No - then create an account for them (goes to section on creating an account)


It doesn't need to actually do the account creation etc (in this example), that would be done on the ecommerce system, but it would talk them through how to do it. That said, if there was something with an API that I could use to link to our system that'd be great.


I could code something like this fairly easily but it seems pointless if there is a system in the suite that we can use and tie in with other 365 apps.




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