A couple of Office 365 version questions

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How do I tell what version of Office you have - 2016 vs 2019 ?

In my "Personal" subscription, I see only "Office 365"
"Outlook v 1901 build 11231.20130 CTR"
"Outlook for Office 365 MSO (16.0.11231.20122) 32-bit"

Do O365 Business users see the year or the same as above?

Company is moving to O365 (mix of Premium and Essentials); would like all users to run the same version (2016; "stable" with a known feature set). If the IT staff prepares the PCs and uses ODT and offline installer to install 2016 package, will the version indeed stay at 2016 and only get updates for 2016? Or will they end up being automatically upgraded to 2019 anyway beyond our control?


If we allow the end user to sign-in to O365/launch installation himself, it will go ahead with the CTR version instead. *IF* bychance it still installs 2016 at this time, does a user need to purposefully opt in to upgrade to 2019... so he can choose to stay on 2016?


If the update is "opt in", is there a registry key or GPO to prevent the update or a setting in O365 admin to control which versions are offered?


I read that Office 2013 is no longer supported with Office365 back-end? How does this impact a user having Office 2013 perpetual along with O365 Business Essentials ? What will be rendered unusable as compared to a user having Office 2016?



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