365 Freezes

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When I'm in Powerpoint, Word, or Excel, (the three I use the most), when saving a doc in Word or a file in Powerpoint, depending on its size, it freezes for a few seconds. When opening a document (especially in word), it takes a few seconds. After checking with a couple of local techs, they blame my laptop for getting old. But the fact is that it works well in everything else. For instance; I work with Adobe Premiere Pro and have no problems. Did a couple of times the online repair, but no luck. Called Microsoft and got a nice lady from Nigeria, who came into my laptop, and after a few steps, she said was the antivirus/firewall causing it, which I never had a problem with it. Turned it off and it seemed to apparently get better. So I worked for a couple of days with it off (McAfee + Malwarebytes), but the problem is back again. This happened... (and it could be a humungous coincidence), when Dropbox offered me to save all my files, but after I did it, I noticed that Dropbox moved all my files out of my HD. So, I had to bring them back because didn't like the process. So, after this, this problem in 365 came up. But again, it could a big coincidence. Also, I have OneDrive disconnected because I don't like the way it works slowing down work. Happens that, for instance; when I open a doc in word, it seems like it's looking for it and can't find it right away; that's my impression. I did a tune-up, plus a manual defrag... the problem persists and it is annoying.  I have Windows 10 Version 21H2, 16 ram, i7 quad-core. All the help will be much appreciated. 

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