365 Calendar on PC App, not OWA

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I have a user who is experiencing a problem I have yet to encounter.


When the user clicks the checkbox for a shared calendar, that calendar opens with the calendar itself half underneath his calendar. If he unchecks the box, then rechecks, the shared calendar opens as it should, completely visible. 


This happens with any shared calendar. He has to check, uncheck, recheck for the calendar to open properly. 


Any thoughts ?




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Screenshot? And which version of Outlook is that? Have you tried repairing Office or running Outlook in safe mode?

Before I could get a screen shot, the problem seems to have fixed itself. Calendar is working as it should. No updates were ran, or repair ran. If the issue pops up again, I will post. Thanks!

@Vasil Michev 


So it started happening again. Screenshot attached. Office 365 desktop app (Standard 2016) Version 19071234.png

That looks like a UI scaling glitch... have you tried toggling the "Disable hardware graphics acceleration" setting under Options -> Advanced. Also try the Display settings toggle on the status bar.