2 companies in 1 tenant

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I want to manage 2 companies under one tenant. What are the seperation options in MS365 for a good and clear overview. I want to seperate as much as possible. Anyone got an advise? It must meet the german law requirements.

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TL;DR answer is - they are very limited. Some workloads, such as Exchange, can be configured with proper separation. Most of the others cannot. Most of the admin endpoints cannot. So a user with an admin role will be able to perform actions across both companies.


Administrative units is the current "suite-wide" solution. Which is not really suite-wide. Or a solution. Still, it's the only built-in functionality we currently have:


If that works for you, great. If not, you can either wait for Microsoft to deliver the long-promised suite-wide RBAC controls (in a year or two), or use third-part management products that basically replace the admin endpoints.

Thanks! Do you have any recomendations for a third-party management product?

I do, but we try to keep these forums free of advertisement :) Just look them up online.