Sorry, something went wrong (O365 Video Embed)

Tom Draney
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I am a having issues with MS Video embed code.  I am adding the embed code to Content Editor Web Part on SharePoint Publishing page.  The CEWP references a txt file with the embed code.


If I click the video play button, I get "Sorry, something went wrong."  If I reload the page, the video will play without the error.  Also sometimes, if the video does play, the video control bar is missing.  Unable to stop/pause the video.  This happens mostly in IE 11.   I have seen the "Sorry" error in Chrome... but I mostly see it happening in IE 11.


I have resorted to using MS O365 Video instead of Stream because the Stream embed does not work for us in IE 11.  It seems to work in all other browsers.

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 Why are not using the Office 365 Embed action available for classic sites? cc @Marc Mroz

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