O365 Video with ECDN Kollective

Koen Van de Loock
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At our company we are using the Kollective ECDN for video streaming.

We see some added value to use O365 Video as front-end because of all integrations with our Office 365 Enterprise E3 license.


Is this already in place ? On the roadmap ?

Could you give us an in depth technical explenation how this works ?

Do we still need all the bitrate videos in Azure, we only need the highest quality if we have this P2P-mechanism ?


Thanks for given us feedback

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We have it on our roadmap to support Kollective eCDN caching in O365 Video (and Stream). However we aren't actively working on this project right now due to other projects.


We've been waiting for comitted customers that want to use O365 Video + Kollective eCDN to build the case for us to move this project up in priority.


Here is how it will work (as we've already done similiar work to support Hive + O365 Video):

- A customer would purchase Kollective eCDN from Kollective directly.

- There would be a powershell cmdlet to enable Kollective for O365 Video for a specfic tenant.

- O365 VIdeo would validate the customer against Kollective's APIs

- After enabled, when a video is played, O365 Video would make sure that Kollective had a record of that video on their side.

- Once a video is registered with Kollective upon playback we'd load the Kollective plugin for our player, and intialize the plugin with all the info we have about the video that Kollective needs.

- Then Kollective's plugin negoiates the P2P caching and determines what parts of the video it can pick up over the P2P network and what parts of the video it needs to download directly from our streaming endpoints.


So we still utilize all the adaptive bitrate streams. As peple watch the video they cache the bitrates they are watching, those chunks are then eligible for caching through Kollective's P2P client.


@Marc Mroz @Vishal Sood : Any news around MS Stream and Kollective ?