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If have read differing news on OneNote.

Is MS stopping support for OneNote in O365, I have read they are and then they are not?

Would you advise to go to Windows 10 OneNote instead?

By default OneNote 2016 saves the notes locally and not to OneDrive.  When we upgrade to OneNote O365 will it pickup the local OneNotes and move them to OneDrive?

If we choose not to use OneNote in O365 and use the Windows 10 OneNote will this find the local OneNotes and move them to the cloud?

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@MikeH40 At Ignite last month, we announced that 1) we're continuing support for OneNote 2016; 2) we're actively developing OneNote (win32) for O365 and bring new features to it. More details here:


At the same time, we are continuing support for OneNote for Windows 10 and will bring new features to it. You have the choice to use whichever client you prefer today. 


We've added a new feature to OneNote for Windows 10 so that you can easily move all of your local notebooks to the cloud:


In terms of getting your local notebooks migrated to the cloud without OneNote for Win10, KFM through OneDrive is the way to go:

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