Update to the Microsoft 365 Network connectivity test tool connectivity.office.com


This update includes:

  1. SharePoint service front doors now appear on the network perimeter map. These identify the city where the service front door is and not the precise location
  2. Separated the SharePoint download and the Teams call tests so that they do not run in parallel with other tests to avoid any conflict
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@Paul Andrew Re updates you report, ran a couple of manual tests just now, "SharePoint optimal front door" does not appear on the network maps although "SharePoint sub-optimal front door" does. Is that to be expected?


Both the following tests show nothing under "Optimal Office 365 SharePoint Online service front door(s) for user location".


In one test from work laptop in home office over work VPN with split tunnelling the "Service front door recorded in client DNS" value is:
* NNNgc.sharepoint.com -> spo-0004.spo-msedge.net []


whereas in other test from personal laptop in same home office value is:

* NNNgc.sharepoint.com -> 19537-ipv4.farm.prod.aa-rt.sharepoint.com []

@John Calvert Can you private message me a screenshot or share-a-report link to your user submitted test details page to review the first question?


For the second question, what you are seeing is your tenant is being directed to different SharePoint front end server architectures. The one that starts with 13.107 will usually show better performance, but is not always available. This doesn't have any impact on the test report or the recommended network design.