SSL interception detected


The Office 365 Network Onboarding tool detected SSL interception.


I did run this test on my home network while using the wireless adapter on my Windows 10 notebook.

Microsoft recommends "It is recommended that you bypass these critical Office 365 network flows from SSL decryption." However I am not aware of any device that could potentially decrypt the traffic.


Could this be some Windows 10 firewall or defender security setting?

How can I find out more about this problem?

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@Beat Grüring, sorry but this is an error in this test. I can tell from your screenshot that you have hit this bug because there's no indication of the SSL cert owner used in the SSL break and inspect device. There's probably no SSL B&I device in your path at all. We've fixed this bug and I'm awaiting an update deployment of the tool which should be in the next week or so.



Thank you for your feedback. Looking forward to the update.