PowerPoint Collaboration/Auto Save Bandwidth Recommendations

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Is there a place to get microsoft recommendations on how much bandwidth our office should have to collaborate on PowerPoint files?  


History.  User has a 150MB (which does not seem that large) powerpoint file stored in their OneDrive. Several users are collaborating on the same file at the same time. Bandwidth (100Mbps) is completely saturated.  The file does have autosave enabled (the O365 feature one). All of the users were using the native desktop client of Powerpoint.   


I assume since they were all in editor mode, their clients were consistently uploading the file and pulling the latest back down which with multiple users could in theory saturate a 100M pipe.  So what I need to find out is what recommendations does Microsoft provide for such cases, since collaboration is a selling point for O365.  Is this a typical issue with PowerPoint files? 


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We are having this same issue too. We have only seen it with PowerPoint.
Interested in a response to this too and we have a very similar situation to yours and are getting saturated network connections only with PowerPoint files and Autosave turned on.



I had the same issue and after investigation, the users were working on PowerPoint online. The size of the file was 200MB.


Maybe the problem is the auto save via browser that is too short.