Office 365 Network Onboarding Tool POC small update


Last week we published an update to the proof of concept at We appreciate the feedback people here have provided. Here's the fixes list:

  1. Improved optimal front door identification for Dubai, New Zealand, and Malaysia.
  2. Improved TCP port block test through firewalls.
  3. Improved performance of SSL Break and Inspect tests by enabling 20 concurrent tests.
  4. Improved SSL Break and Inspect detection to support connection through proxy server.
  5. Corrected false positive error report on Teams media connectivity test.
  6. Corrected an error where an older version of the Skype Network Assessment Tool was already installed.
  7. Corrected an error with the Teams media test when decimal separators are not configured for US defaults.
  8. Improved exception handling.
  9. Added timed DNS lookup test over UDP.
  10. Improved detection of connections blocked at proxy servers with 403 errors.



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Where ever I run your tool successfully, I always get this error:

URL needs unblocking:
Test FQDN(s) used were:

But when I try to do a DNS lookup of "", it doesn't exist, is this an invalid address?

@rsun0525 thanks, we'll look into this

I am running the Microsoft Edge (canary) browser on my device, but I get the message Please open this website in Microsoft Edge on a Windows PC to run the advanced tests.

@TheArchitect Edge Canary is based on Chrome and not currently supported by our advanced test tool. Please use regular Edge or IE to try out the POC.




Hi Paul, apologies for my error, I did test on the regular edge afterwards and successfully got the advanced tools working. Could I add a request for this to work with Chromium based browsers?

@TheArchitect of course, it's a common request. I can't give you a timeline for that though.



@Paul Andrew No worries.  Thanks for the prompt replies.

Is it possible you could also include in the connectivity tests, connections to CRL URL's and CDN URL's? These are required in order for the O365 applications to work properly but seem to be ignored in the connectivity tests developed by Microsoft.

@lockstemz we do already support both CRL and CDN where they are required. Connectivity tests in the advanced testing client for are made to all endpoints that are listed as Required at






Same here. I have a number of FQDN(s) showing up but they do not exist :


@Laurent Frampas What do you mean by "don't exist". I checked with nslookup and all three of these are in the public DNS right now.




I just run the test but I am not getting the option get a link to share your result with your networking team or your network service provider. How can I share the result with other team in my organization to further diagnose the same. I am using Internet Explorer 11 Version 11.0.155 @Paul Andrew 

@Laxmikantalbd We have removed that option. We're working on how sharing can be better enabled in the future. In the meantime, you would need to use screenshots to share your results.


Sorry for the inconvenience.



@Paul Andrew the ability to share results via a test specific report was a useful aspect of this tool. Our remote teams, which I've asked to run the tool and share feedback  using the report link now have to create large static screenshots that aren't collectively specific to the tests. this was what were trying to get away from, its two steps back. would be good to have the same or similar method available soon.    

@Paul Andrew I mean the domain indeed exists but there is no active service listening on ports 89 and 443.

Thus probably why it is being brought by your tool as Blocked URL, while it is not from our side.


@Paul Andrew where there other reasons to remove this?  I can imagine you are trying to come up with a new elegant way to share, but honestly, your previous link button was working very well.  Sending screen shots seems like go over the top of trying to share.

@rsun0525 I apologize for the inconvenience. We'll add back sharing soon.




@Paul Andrew Thanks again for your flexibility. 

@rsun0525  while we wait for the reporting component to be added to the O365 onboarding tool, I have a couple questions from our networking teams which I advocated should start using this tool.

1.Does the O365 Network Onboarding tool take into consideration that an enterprise has Azure EXPRESSROUTE connectivity to O365 products? Example our O365 tenant is in EMEA but EXPRESSROUTE points to SHAREPOINT in US.

2. regarding considerations for front door locations is the information on the map specific to just one application (Exchange) or all the O365 Apps we use SfB/MS Teams, SHAREPOINT/OneDrive, Outlook etc (is this information already indicated in tracert)?