Office 365 endpoints web service preview detailed changes on 7/6/2018


We first released the Office 365 endpoints web services preview on 4/2/2018. As described in the broader post here, the update on 7/6/2018 has the following changes:

  • Added a new category element to the /endpoints web method
  • Merged the DefaultTcpPorts, AllowTcpPorts, and OptimizeTcpPorts elements into tcpPorts
  • Merged the DefaultUdpPorts, AllowUdpPorts, and OptimizeUdpPorts elements into udpPorts
  • Merged the DefaultUrls, AllowUrls, and OptimizeUrls elements into urls
  • Renumbered the endpoint sets to remove gaps caused during development
  • Reset the /changes web method output to be changes since June 30. This means it is blank in July 2018
  • Finalized the initial categories for each endpoint set
  • Removed O365 from service instance names across the web methods
  • Renamed optionalImpact element to notes in the /endpoints web method and added a required Boolean element
  • Added a NoIPv6 parameter to the /endpoints web method
  • Updated the sample PowerShell and Python scripts
  • Added IP Address ranges to all endpoint sets instead of having separate IP Address only endpoint sets. This means that IP Addresses can be seen to be duplicated across endpoint sets, but they are always covering the URLs in each endpoint set.

Release timeline from now:

  • We aren’t going to change the data schema or data outside of change control
  • We are already using the new web services for some Microsoft internal processes 
  • Please start developing against the new web services now
  • We have a little more work to do before we can offer GA level support
  • We will provide GA support prior to the current XML format data becoming unavailable on October 2nd 2018
  • The RSS and HTML format outputs may update before October 2nd, 2018

The user guide for the web services can be found here. Please also read about the new endpoint categories here.


Thanks for all of the feedback on our previous preview.

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