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Hey all,


Is anyone able to assist me with this query.


I've written a python script that's currently calling the Germany endpoints API. I've been requested to amend the script to now call both Germany and Worldwide. I've run a diff on both sets of IP addresses and I can see that the Germany endpoints are limited to a 51.*.*.* block of addresses, which don't show up in the Worldwide set.


I can see the logic in this request, the more servers the better but I can't help but feel that the Worldwide set should suffice.


FYI, this is to whitelist firewall rules.


I would appreciate some insight as I feel I could be missing something here.


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@wvduk The Germany endpoints refer to a unique instance of Office 365 which is available only to certain organizations and is hosted in Germany. The WorldWide endpoints refer to an instance of Office 365 which is available for anyone worldwide. These do not overlap in networking infrastructure or IP Addresses.


@Paul Andrew Thank you for the clarification!