Multi user device


Good afternoon

1. Need to set a desktop to allow a user 1 (agency worker) to use a guest1 account to login into Windows 10 and then activate office 0365 to be used for Word.

Then need that person  logs out of windows 10.

2. Next user2 (agency worker) to log into the device with the same guest1 account as user 1 and then activate their own o365 account. and again  logs out of windows.

This may be done with multiple users. Will they need to sign out of O365 each time

3. Also for it allow  multiple users (Company worker) to login in with their personal windows 10 login and activate o365 and be able to use full MS office apps.

Can this be done, at the moment the device is set up a multi-user device, which adds a token on for single login.

At the moment we are finding that because of the token, a Guest1 account can only be associated with a 1 email address only. The Pc can be login in and out with 20 different people over a week.

You help is most appreciated.

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Good morning forgot to add we need to have a local install for Word, therefore using Apps for Enterprise as well.