MS web service not accessible

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I am not sure whether I will receive answers to my post in German. Therfore, sorry, if double-posting, I will ask the same again in English:


I am trying to access the Office 365 IP Address and URL web service from Python.

On the site quoted it reads:
"You can access the data directly in a web browser using these URLs:

For the latest version of the Office 365 URLs and IP address ranges, use"

together with this remark:

"The GUID for the ClientRequestID parameter in these URIs are only an example. To try the web service URIs out, generate your own GUID. The GUIDs shown in these examples may be blocked by the web service in the future."

But even with a newly generated GUID the call does NOT work in my browsers: Firefox and Chromium under Linux, nor IE under Win7 and Win8.1 - only a timeout from that site.

Am I making something wrong, or is this a problem on MS's side?

Thank you for every hint,
best regards, Ralf.

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Obviously, this was a problem on MS's side - now it is working as expected.