Local Admin and .NET Core


Currently the advanced tests from connectivity.office.com require local administrator rights (due to a Skype test?) and .NET Core.

Can we have an option to remove the test(s) which require local administrator rights and can we also have the appropriate .NET Core binaries included with the package, again preventing the need for local administrator rights?

As our users do not have local admin, it becomes difficult to use this tool on a spot-check basis.

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Ditto here.  20k users and no local admin and no .net Core.  Its a great start for a tool to help our end users diagnose issues though! 

.NET Core install requires administrative permissions. We can't install it, and therefore we can't run any of those tests without administrative permissions. I would recommend you use the built in tests in the OneDrive client which report aggregated results into the Admin Center. This does not require local PC administrative permissions.
Sorry, but I cannot find any documentation regarding the built in tests in the OneDrive client. Can you share any links to us?
What's your question about this Ken?

@Paul Andrew Sorry, I mean I cannot found the built in test in OneDrive client.

@KenChong here's our documentation for the Microsoft 365 Admin Center where we use tests from OneDrive. https://docs.microsoft.com/microsoft-365/enterprise/office-365-network-mac-perf-overview

Thank you!