Just released stand-alone test client for Microsoft 365 network connectivity test tool


The Microsoft 365 network connectivity test tool has just been updated with a stand-alone EXE added for more flexibility in testing. The stand-alone EXE allows you to run the same tests without having to load the web site. This will be useful if you want to automate the tests and you can deploy the EXE to the client machines using your software distribution tools. The output of the tests is saved to a JSON file on the local hard drive rather than showing up on the web page or in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center.

You can read the help and download the stand-alone EXE here:



We also updated both the stand-alone EXE and the original test tool to .NET 6.0 and this means if you have run the tool from the web site before and run it again you will be prompted to update.



Please try out the new stand-alone EXE and let us know your feedback here.

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@Paul Andrew Not sure if im being dumb but i dont see any dl link to the standalone .exe ?

Hi Shawn,

Go to the help page. Click "Testing from the Command Line" in the "In this article" section at the right. You will see the text "The command line test tool can be downloaded here: Command Line Tool"

The words Command Line Tool is a link.

Hello @Paul Andrew! Have some documentation about the results of JSON file? I'm trying to understand and compare the JSON results with the results presented on the web test (MS Teams Latency, jitter, packet loss) , but i can't figure out that information on JSON.
I'm creating a automated monitoring system to use on Zabbix.

@alexourique the JSON entries align with the web page tabular report. Is there some specific node that you are not understanding?

Hey Paul. Tks. For the response.
Well let me try to explain better. On the online test web page result we have a tabular report of "Microsoft Teams". There we can find results for Media connectivity (audio, video, and application sharing)", "Packet loss", "Latency", "Jitter".
e.g. Running the same test on command line, where in the results of the JSON file can i found "Media connectivity (audio, video, and application sharing)", "Packet loss", "Latency", "Jitter" especific for "MS TEAMS"?

@Paul Andrew is this tool the same tool as the one located at 
https://connectivity.office.com/report/ ?


either way it keeps asking me to install .net 6.0 over and over even after reboot.
is there something i'm missing?

Hi @HAPPYSLAPS, these are different tools. But we use .net 6 for both of them.  Please ensure you selected the right download of .net 6 which is 

.NET Desktop Runtime 6