Announcing general availability of Microsoft 365 informed network routing


I am excited to announce that Microsoft 365 informed network routing has reached the general availability milestone. This represents the last stage in making the feature available to our customers globally and continuing our efforts to improve the quality of network connectivity for our customers. We are keenly aware that quality of connectivity has a significant impact on user experience, and this feature along with the industry partnerships which stem from it are all about driving a great user experience.

The informed network routing feature provides the ability for 3rd-party software defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) solutions to receive application-level feedback on network quality. We aggregate the feedback to individual network circuits which carry network traffic from your company locations to the Internet and on to Microsoft. When your SD-WAN solution consumes this feedback, it can be used to make better decisions about the best routing path to use. Better routing paths can ensure an optimal end-user experience in the face of availability or performance issues within last-mile (customer) or middle-mile (ISP) infrastructure.

To take advantage of this feature, you must be using a SD-WAN solution which has integrated with our platform. At this time, we are working with Cisco as our launch partner, and you will need to utilize a recent version of Cisco’s IOS XE SD-WAN platform to take advantage of Microsoft 365 informed network routing. We are working with other industry partners to evaluate the best way to take advantage of this new platform, and you should expect announcements regarding additional partner integration in the near future.


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Jeff Mealiffe
Principal Architect
Microsoft 365 Core Networking Team

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