Task view at bottom of calendar in O365


Good Morning


O365 E3 enterprise

Exchange on-premise

Windows 10

O365 proplus installed locally as well.


User (Big Boss) has her tasks pinned to the bottom of the calendar in Outlook.

Very often she will go into calendar and either the tasks are not showing or she gets a little black square instead.

She has to refresh the calendar several times to show task.

Has anyone any suggestions, which may help.


Thank you for all your time



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Display errors are usually caused by outdated graphics drivers. Make sure that they are up-to-date and fully compatible with the Windows version that is being used.


If loading the Tasks takes a long time, and there are many completed items in her folder, archiving them to the Online Archive (so outside her own mailbox) could help as well. Also note that Flagged Items and items from Task folders and other accounts (but not from additional mailboxes) will also show in this list.


Resetting the To-Do Bar may help as well as it pulls from the same source;
Start-> type; outlook.exe /resettodobar
(note the space in the command above)