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Dear Community


I am using o365 suite and I have the following questions:


1. How can I sync Calender with ToDo app (both Android app as well as Windows app), such that All my calender events appear in ToDo app at respective days and all my Tasks in ToDo app appear in Calender app.


2. While using Outlook Web, I am not able to see the Task option in the top bar so as to create a task corresponding to an e-mail.


Looking forward to getting a fruitful reply.


- Ayush



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@ayushkumardwivedi Thanks for your feedback.


1), this is an area that's currently under consideration for the To Do and Calendar team's backlog, although there are no specific timelines available to share yet.


2) In Outlook Web, did you previously see the task icon?  If so, do you now see a combined calendar+tasks icon?  If you click on that calendar+tasks icon and go to the Tasks tab, you should be able to create a task related to an e-mail.  Please let me know if that's not what you're experiencing.