Single user can't see the shared calendar items of another user

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The issue is that one colleague shared her calendar with few people over time but when she did the same recently to one of her other colleagues, the new colleague can't see it.


I have checked user calendar permissions and 
Get-MailboxFolderPermission -Identity Email address removed:\Calendar


and it showed as:

FolderName User AccessRights SharingPermissionFlags
---------- ---- ------------ ----------------------
Calendar Default {AvailabilityOnly}
Calendar Anonymous {None}


so if the access rights were given to other colleague, they weren't given there (or at least not to specific users and I bet everyone just use the "Default" setting) but just in case I added the permission by using


Set-MailboxFolderPermission -Identity Email address removed:\calendar -user Email address removed -AccessRights LimitedDetails

I also tried it with "AvaibilityOnly" as access rights but not luck here either.

The way the new colleague see the calendar shared with him is that is completely empty, it doesn't show anything on the calendar while other colleagues can see on it when the user is busy.
Clearing cache, setting up new profile in Outlook didn't help.

Where else those shared calendar could be stored? User is sure that she has given the access rights to calendar for new user and also removed it and regranted them and the issue still persist. Any ideas what else I could check? 



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Hi J-Lee,

Is your environment Hybrid or directly O365?