Shared Calendar Notifications

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We have been using shared calendars for as long as I can remember. While it may not be the best choice it has worked well for us. We have several shared calendars which are shared from the admin account. Since we started I turned off notifications on the admin account under calendars and have never received them. Starting last week or the week before I'm receiving notifications from the shared calendar events I create. Of course, when creating them I see that it has notifications turned on and I can set it to none but I want that as the default setting. Is there a way to do this and still keep my personal calendar notifications? We're using Office 365 Business Premium.


Also, I should have mentioned that the notifications do not appear on Outlook for my desktop but on Outlook for Android.


I found that if I uncheck the shared calendar(s) in Outlook for Android then I no longer receive notifications.



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Hi Ryan, are you still seeing reminders for your shared calendars in Android? You shouldn't see reminders for calendars shared to you.

@Julia ForanYes. If I turn the calendar off or uncheck the calendar in my app then I don't get reminders for the Shared Calendars. If I have them on or checked then I do get reminders for the Shared Calendars. This just started happening about 3-6 weeks ago.

If you remove the shared calendar(s) and re-add them from Android, do you still get reminders even when they are checked?