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Yesterday I did share my calendar with another person within the Company. Share - Can see all my information in my calendar, that work fine. The other person can see my calendar in Outlook and on here Iphone where the account is sync to.

 Now the strange thing happens, I stopped sharing my calendar with the person, and it doesn’t show up in Outlook BUT the person can still see my calendar with all information in the Iphone. In the phone the person can see all info that was in place when the share was setup, nothing after I stopped synching. Shouldn’t the calendar be removed from the sync with Iphone?

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The sharee's calendar is persisted if they still have permissions in another way (e.g. you've granted permissions to everybody within your organization via the "My organization" entry, or they're part of a security group that you've shared to). In both of those cases, the calendar remains and the events are changed to match the new permission level.


If the sharee no longer has any permissions, the calendar is removed.


Both of these can take up to a few hours to complete once the permissions are removed.