Outlook Today not showing birthday of old contacts

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Hi !

The birthday events of old contacts (prior to moving to office 365) are not appearing in outlook Today.

To note that :

  • if i create a new contact now, the birthday is appearing in outlook today.
  • Old contacts are appearing in the birthday calendar!

Please help!

Thanks a lot

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Outlook Today shows what is on your default Calendar. If the birthday isn't in your default Calendar, it won't display in Outlook Today either.


When you update the "old" contact, it will rewrite the Birthday entry in the Calendar. Emptying the Birthday field, saving the contact and then re-entering the Birthday field and saving the contact again should do the trick as well.

Hi Robert!
Thanks for your reply. The trick works fine. However it is not straight forward when having around 4000 contacts!
Appreciate if there is any other solution for this issue.
Thanks a lot


Didn't you migrate the Calendar for this mailbox?

Another way to go would be to use a macro to rewrite the field.

Yes the migration was done.
Any hint on how to make this macro? Any risk?


There is an add-in from Outlook-Stuff for this and fellow Outlook MVP Diane Poremsky has published a vba macro as well.


There is no risk to it if you've got your backups in order ;)


If you are being prompted for macro security settings or if you are in an environment which does not allow the use of unsigned macro's, you can self-sign your vba macro.

Hi !
I have used the macro mentioned. Where it copies the birthday to a temporary variable than replace the birthday by now and finally replace the birthday by the temporary variable value.
I had around 5000 contacts. However; in outlook today the birthday of the contacts is not appearing with other event of the day. To note that i am using outlook 365.
NB: To note that birthday calendar is showing the birthdays.
My issue is with the outlook today where i want a combination of all events (birthday+meetings...)