Outlook.office.com calendar default meeting length to 15 min

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I would like the meeting length for Outlook.office.com to be 15 min. I was able to view the calendar in 15 min increments but when I create a new appt it still defaults to 30 min. 


The Software version works fine, this is just an issue in outlook.office.com. 


Any help would be appreciated. 

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Good timing! :)
We just released that feature yesterday to Outlook on the web (outlook.office.com). Under Settings -> Calendar -> Events & invitations, you should see the option. If you have set it in the Windows client, it should be automatically set for you in the web.

@Julia Foran 
Hi Julia - Where is this feature? Apologies but I do not see it - here is a screenshot for reference:
I am going to go check the Windows client, but I would prefer to be able to set it from the web.

Check the setting "Shorten duration for all events", and then you'll see the options to configure.

@Julia Foran , is here even a possibily to set the default meeting duration global to all user? 




Thanks @Julia Foran .. That helped me!

@Julia Foran I did not see any options to default my events to 15 minutes when I clicked that option. See this screenshot: