Office 365 Shared Calendar Meetings inviting all Members when edited


We have one Office 365 Shared Calendar where the Owner of the Group adds a Meeting (not an appointment) to the calendar and wants to invite specific people, not the entire Group.


This can be achieved with the latest Outlook update (Office 365 ProPlus) by removing the Group as a required attendee in the set up screen.


However, when the meetings are edited in any way (membership, time, location) the entire Group is added as a required attendee and it is not possible to remove them.


Other Groups do not exhibit this behaviour at all. Once the Group is removed as an attendee initially, the Membership stays the same despite editing.


I've attached screenshots - in the 3rd shot you can see the Group has been added with a small + next to it, this is what invites all the members. In the 4th, there is a Group that is behaving correctly, no + and it doesn't ever invite all the Group Members.


At the moment our solution is to re-create the Group and so far it hasn't caused the same issue but it would be far better to fix the original as the Teams Channel conversations cannot be migrated. Please help!

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@Kotus-Tech  I just tested this scenario and was able to reproduce the same results. However, the bug does not occur when I try doing the same scenario using Outlook Web, so I believe it is an issue in the Outlook Windows client. I've shared this thread with the relevant persons in the Outlook Windows engineering team to investigate more, and they should get back to this thread soon.

@Julia Foran Thanks, Julia.


I've just tried to access the Shared Mailbox via 'Open another mailbox' and can't access it. Is this what you meant? 


When accessing the calendar via normal Outlook web (calendar > groups) it still creates the issue.

@Kotus-Tech Thanks for sharing your feedback. In Outlook for Windows client, when a meeting is created from an Outlook Group, it is by design to add the Group by default to the recipients (since its created on the Group mailbox/folder). When organizer removes the Group from the To line, Group members do not receive an invite in their inbox. However, the meeting is still on the Group calendar (for all members to view).Hope this helps clarify the scenario. 





@Sri Ramya Mallipudi Hi - that doesn't clarify anything I'm afraid. As in my original post, when removing the Group from the required field, it doesn't send invites to the entire group however when any amendments are made, the entire group is added and it isn't possible to remove it.


Microsoft support have completely chinned me off and not responded to me. Unfortunately I was expected to get this fixed by tomorrow so I'm probably going to have to delete the Group and start again.

@Kotus-Tech hi, just an update that I am looking into this. I am not seeing the group being added to the To line upon edits on the recent Outlook for Windows versions. I am now looking at the older versions to confirm if there might be a bug in older versions. I will get back to you soon on this. 

@Sri Ramya MallipudiThank you very much. We are still experiencing the issue, only with this one mailbox.