Notifications from Shared Calendar

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In just the past week or so, I've started receiving notifications from my husband's calendar, which has been shared with me. This is new behavior; the calendar has been shared for a long time and only the notifications are new. The only recent variable I can think of (other than automatic updates) is that I recently added an Outlook calendar widget to my Android phone--but I don't know why that would suddenly trigger notifications from someone else's calendar.


I don't need notifications for his appointments/events, only for those on my own calendar. I don't see any way to turn them off for the shared calendar. Help?


We're running Microsoft 365 Family.

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Hi Kathy - did you get a response anywhere on this. Every thread I've seen and even our own internal IT Help desk just say "turn off notifications", but that's not what we want. We just don't want to be notified of other user's meetings. I don't even have the shared calendar open on my phone, just on my PC, and I still get a notification for every team member....Unfortunately, our company has mandated Outlook on the phone, which is just not working out!


No, no one else ever posted to the thread, and I'm still getting notifications from my husband's calendar. I wish someone would post a solution! :(


I am getting the same problem with getting notifications from my wife's calendar and her getting notifications from my calendar - it is exceeding annoying. Also when i invite her to an event, not only do i get a reminder to the event that I set up, but also the event that she has accepted in her calendar. Similar to you, it has only started happening in the past few months. I cannot find any way to stop this happening without turning off notifications, which then turn off my notifications that i need.

This is a problem that Microsoft needs to resolve ASAP.