need to turn off time line on 365 Outlook Calendar


Today for no reason I started seeing a line that runs from the left of my Work Week Calendar to the Current Day of the week. This line moves down with the time of day. It is very hard to see items on my calendar when ever it crosses in the middle of an appointment. Need to turn this off. Once again it just showed up in the middle of the day today. I have attached a screen shot showing what I mean with an arrow point to the line

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That is the new current time and day indicator that replaces the old method. Just like the old implementation, there is no way to turn this off.


As it serves a useful purpose as well and it might only be an issue when you are looking at a past item at a very specific time, a quick workaround would be to hover on the affected item so that the details will show in a pop-up.

@Robert Sparnaaij  I don't know if you work for Microsoft - as a suggestion it would be more useful to show the current time line on Today -rather than project it backwards with the only indicator for Today being a half circle on the LH margin??


more useful to show the current time line on Today

No it wouldn't. Then the line would obscure the current appointment.

This new feature is definitely very painful. The design is not really good and I can't see any added value. It's really a bad design not sure why Microsoft is introducing such poor features @hbinger1 

Agreed. I preferred the line running across the day. Rather give the user the option to view this time line in the format he/she chooses.

Not sure what "useful purpose" this gives but I do agree with the others, it's annoying and end users should have the option between obscuring appointments and seeing what time it is.

I logged after the weekend to find my Outlook had been upgraded, and I can't figure out how this made it through any quality control, the Blue Horizontal Time Bar you could easily decipher at a glance what meetings were coming up and there was no guess work. I usually have multiple meetings in the same Time Slot so the horizontal line helped greatly. This black half moon is worthless, it has no accuracy and provides no Visual benefit. An option to enable one or the other would of been better.

Agree this time indicator line amounts to nothing more than a confusing visual distraction. The line draws the eye more to the past than the present. There really isn't a logical connection between events at 2:30 on Monday and Tuesday with a 2:30 meeting on Wednesday , so why force the eye to traverse the line thru Monday and Tuesday to get to Wednesday? This is distracting and makes no sense. I've waited months to make this remark hoping I could just finally ignore the time indicator line, but I can't. It's sitting right there sucking up visual focus like a fly on the screen. Even when I switch to show just Today, there's the black half dot, the darkest, most punctuated thing on the screen and it's obscuring the availability indicator too. It needs to leave.

A big +1 from me. As others have also stated this new "time indicator" format is quite misleading. The "current time" indicator line should only be on the current day in week view.