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Sometimes we rent rooms for any kind of events (not our main business) and therefor we use the outlook calendar to register the bookings. When I want to check if a date is free, I look up in the calendar of the specific room. But all the information I get there is who (myself or a colegue) the room reserved, but not what event it is nor the name of the client. I have no information from the original calendar-entry which is on my or a collegues calendar.

Is there any possibility to edit these information, so I can open the ressource calendar and see, what kind of event it is instead of just who the room reserved? 


Sorry for the bad english, i tried my best... hope you understand what I mean.



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You will need to adjust the permissions on the Room calendar in order to see those additional details. Something like this:


Set-MailboxFolderPermission WC:\Calendar -User Default -AccessRights LimitedDetails


Or you can request individual permissions, or get added as delegate.