Migrating from Beta o365 API to v1.0 o365 API

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Hi Team, I am in the process of migrating our beta graph API to production API. In beta API, when I call any function, I am able to get the required data, but when I call the same function using the Production API, I get a different set of (lesser) data. I am not sure if both the APIs at the backend are speaking to the same system or do we need to make any configuration changes? Also, I am looking for what are all the parameters are passed in the v1.0.

I am using beta API [https://graph.microsoft.com/beta/findRooms(RoomList='user@hostname.edu') ] of O365 in beta API I am able to get the data, but according to production I am not able to get data I am using this endpoint for data https://graph.microsoft.com/v1.0/findRooms(RoomList='user@hostname.edu')

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Kailas Kakade

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