IOS shared Calendars

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I know this has been discussed and the feedback for this feature seems positive.

However we are looking at it from a different angle.


Example, We have a few users who are affected by this.


Our HR DIR has access to all mailboxes and because of this on her IOS she is seeing all user calendars as posted in other posts.  THe problem we have is she is seeing private info and private appts.  Some of this appts being medical and the fact that they are now visible on her mobile is a huge issue for us (HIPPA).

How can we remove all these shared calendars from the affected users?  Im looking for possibly a POSH CMD with amount of users affected going 1 by 1 is not reasonable.


I forgot to mention that all mailbox are in the Cloud (O365).

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Hi Christian,

If a user has full access to a mailbox, then they are allowed to view the details of private events. Thus, it would be expected that if she had another user's shared calendar, she would see the private info.

You can use Graph APIs to remove the calendars programmatically.


@Julia Foran First thank you for the respnse.  Graph would remove the Calendars or the Delegate permissions or both?

DO you have any URLs handy that could show me how to do this.

There is not a way to remove full access mailbox permissions via Graph APIs.

What you could do is fetch the list of calendars in the delegate's mailbox (GET .../calendars), identify which calendars are not needed, and then remove them (DELETE .../calendars/{calendar-id}).